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We are all planning on living a long – long life. And with the medical care and medicines available to us today we all stand a good chance of living way beyond the age our parents live to.

But living into our 80’s, 90’s and maybe even 100’s means we will grow frail and may even experience a health event that will require Home Health Care (Did you know 80% of long term care is provided in the home?) , assisted living, or maybe even some time in a long term care facility.

SMSU is aware that planning for tomorrow starts today in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. We need to plan now for an income stream, separate from our retirement planning to provide for the cost of care that is increasing daily.

SMSU Alumni Association recognizes that need and has endorsed American Senior Network and John Hancock as a provider for long-term care insurance. I encourage you to take the time and go to the John Hancock link click here. This comprehensive site allows you to explore the subject of long-term care. Kiplinger provides us with a 22 minute video, available in the lower left hand corner. When you are finished, click on the opportunity for a free, no obligation quote. Or you can call 800-657-4335 and ask for Jim Bosley at American Senior Network. Not only does John Hancock provide quality coverage BUT they have allowed SMSU alumni a 5% discount on your premium.

YOUNGER ALUMNI, this premium savings is also available to your parents and in-laws. Providing them with a premium discount is an excellent way to help them and protect their estate at the same time. We all love our parents and want to care for them but there are times that the level of care they need or our work situation prohibits us from being able to do that. This is a way to give back the care and concern they provided you.

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